The Importance and Necessity of the Research Field of Brand Excellence, A Review Article


  • Meysam Shafiee Associate Professor, University of Tehran, College of Farabi, Faculty of Management and Accounting
  • Hamidreza Yazdani Associate Professor, University of Tehran, College of Farabi, Faculty of Management and Accounting
  • Zahra Ghasemi graduated Master's degree, University of Tehran, College of Farabi, Faculty of Management and Accounting



branding, brand, brand excellence, review


A research stream in the field of branding has grown rapidly in recent years and has developed as a multidisciplinary field involving various components. which leads to diverse and scattered research with different foci. However, this rapid development has created many prospects. Therefore, this multiplicity of views has made it difficult to conduct structured studies. We conducted this review to uncover the findings of researches and guide researchers to a future agenda.


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