Forecasting the trend of specialized digital marketing of social media in Iran


  • Maryam Khaki Senior expert in business management
  • Aminollah Jafarpour Senior expert in business management



digital marketing, social media, Instagram, Telegram, branding


This article examines the role of social media as a powerful factor in marketing and its impact on organizational structure with a special focus on digital marketing. It outlines the components and roadmap for integrating digital marketing into social media. This research used customers who used the services and products of Internet businesses. 384 people were randomly selected

The research questionnaire has been given to them. After providing them with the questionnaire, the analysis of the information obtained from the implementation of the questionnaires has been done using the method of structural equation modeling and with the help of PLS software in two parts the measurement model and the structural part. The results showed that social networks have a positive and meaningful role in the development of digital marketing of Internet businesses. It was also found that social networks can play an effective role in digital marketing website development, digital marketing search engine optimization development, digital marketing click-based advertising development, digital marketing online public relations development, and digital marketing email marketing development


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